Paul Blackburn

I'm an experienced Developer
with a focus on HTML Banners,
Front-end and Motion Graphics.

Employment History

7+ years of experience in the
Marketing & Advertising industry.

July 2018-Present

Front-End Developer & Designer

Now Advertising

London, UK


Freelance Banner Developer


As a casual HTML Banner Developer, I have worked remotely with a Sydney-based agency on various campaigns for brands such as Disney, Mitsubishi, Lindt and more, all whilst I was travelling in New Zealand.


Freelance Digital Developer & Motion Designer

The Creative Store

Auckland, New Zealand

Before I arrived in New Zealand, I had already made contact with a number of creative agencies in Auckland. Within a day of landing, I'd had meetings with each of them, and immediately formed a good rapport with one in particular; The Creative Store.

Within weeks, I was already being assigned to freelance HTML5 Banner Development roles for a variety of companies, such as Farmers NZ, Badger Communications, Brandworld and Federation. Having initially working in-house with each of these companies, I was later asked to work remotely on various banner campaigns due to the excellent reputation and working relationships I had cultivated in my time with them.

As each business had different requirements for the building of content, it was frequently necessary to work with software such as Google Web Designer, Adobe Edge and Adobe Animate, as well as coding banners by hand using HTML, CSS and Javascript, with the aid of libraries such as GreenSock.

Client work includes: MasterCard, Emirates, Breo, Pak 'N Save, Farmers NZ, and Fidelity Life.


Freelance Digital Developer & Motion Designer

Nine Digital

Sydney, Australia

I worked on a freelance basis with Nine Entertainment for a total of six months during my time in Sydney, Australia, a period of which was split into both a five-month and a one-month stay, several months apart.

I joined Nine initially as a Flash Banner Developer, but within a matter of weeks, the team I worked alongside were already well aware of the shift in technologies that was occurring imminently. When Google updated their Chrome browser to begin blocking Flash players as a general rule, those of us in the industry who were accustomed to building banners in Flash had to make a swift change to HTML5.

With my existing knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, I was able to deftly switch and adapt to an entirely new way of working, dropping Flash almost entirely and changing my entire workflow to work with hand-coded technologies instead.

Working with standard, dynamic, video, expanding and full-page takeover banners on a daily basis, I was given an abundance of opportunities to learn, develop and grow as the necessities in banner development shifted. Nine also gave me lots of experience in the use of banner deployment platforms such as Sizmek and DoubleClick Studio.

In addition to standard banner development, I was also given time to research and develop exciting new ideas based on client pitch-work, such as the use of 3D using Three.js and experimenting with Facebook-integrated HTML banners. Aside from banners, I also had the occasional project involving 2D and 3D motion graphics, making use of Adobe After Effects.

Client work for Nine Entertainment was varied and exciting, and included such well-known, big brand names as Ford, The Voice, Maggi, Optus, MSN, Aldi, Commonwealth Bank, American Express and Petbarn.


Media Developer / Senior Media Developer

Enigma Marketing Services

Maidenhead, United Kingdom

My longest full-time role was at EMS, starting as Motion Designer, building animated display banners in Flash, and subsequently developing a wide range of new and improved skills and abilities to add to my ever-growing, digital toolbelt. Working with clients such as Sharp, Trend Micro, Symantec and Worldpay, I was exposed daily to exciting creative challenges, with a constant need to grow and adapt.


Flash Designer

Oxford Aviation Academy

Oxford, United Kingdom

My first full-time position in the field of Motion Design was for OAA, where I designed and produced a high volume of animated training content aimed at student airline pilots, using Adobe Flash.

“Paul is a wonderful freelancer.
He has excellent communication skills, [and is] proactive and reactive to our client requirements.”

- Louise Lawton -
Digital Consultant
The Creative Store


I've worked on some pretty big names.

“Paul showed an excellent aptitude for his work and ... took it upon himself to learn new technologies and was always trying to up-skill.”

- Richard Chapman -
Senior Developer
Enigma Marketing Services


More than just a funny accent.

Front-End Development

HTML • CSS • Javascript • GSAP

I've had a great working knowledge of HTML & CSS for longer than I've had a career, and my experience with Javascript has grown strongest in the last three years. When Google all but killed Adobe Flash, I was forced to adapt, and what used to be my standard role as a Flash Developer for Display Banners quickly became a strong ability in HTML5 Banners, using Javascript and GreenSock, as well as the more user-friendly packages such as Animate and GWD.

Whilst I haven't had the title of Front-end Developer yet in my career, I have plenty of experience making websites for myself, my acquaintances, or for small Freelance projects. Additionally, my recent familiarisation in Sass, BEM, and Git, plus some introduction to React have really given me a thirst for knowledge and a drive to improve quickly.

Motion Graphics

After Effects • Adobe Animate • Google Web Designer

My fondness for animation really began when I first discovered the joys of online, animated Flash videos via a myriad of websites dedicated to providing a platform for people such as myself to express themselves with entertaining content and sharing it with the world.

Thanks to my love for Flash, years ago, I found my first job as a Flash Designer at Oxford Aviation Academy. From there, I was quickly recruited by Enigma Marketing Services, who brought me on as a Flash Banner developer, and then in the subsequent four years gave me the freedom to expand my repertoire.

After Effects became my next love after Flash, with its incredible array of tools and the power it gave an animator such as myself to create wonderful things and bring content to life.

Graphic Design

Photoshop • Illustrator • Blender

Whilst I don't consider myself a Graphic Designer by title, I do have extensive experience working with graphics in Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender and more, either through necessity in my employment due to the constant need for cross-software collaboration or simply out of a desire to create something new and simply have fun.

It always comes in handy to know my way comfortably around a plethora of software packages and to work with professionals in numerous fields from whom I can learn and garner advice. All of these applications have contributed toward the vast majority of my work, and the excellent understanding I have of them has only ever made my work easier, and given me the means to put the highest level of polish into all of the projects I have worked on before.

Game Development

Unity • C# • Construct 2

I've been a gamer since I was four years old, and I knew always wanted to make a game. Since my first introduction to ActionScript 2.0 and the power it had to create interactive, entertaining experiences with Flash, I knew I wanted to learn to code. Even though I never threw myself fully into programming at the time, I never stopped dabbling, and I never lost the fun I found in building all kinds of interactive projects from the ground up.

From simple Flash games in the beginning, to learning Construct 2 at Enigma for a Facebook game, to the more advanced game projects started in recent months in Unity 3D using the C# language, I'm always hungry to learn more and figure out just one more thing before my head hits the pillow.

“[Paul] was the consummate professional delivering a high standard of work even when confronted with difficult deadlines.”

- Jeremy Clark -
Digital Creative Director


I've made some things, take a peek.

“War Island” Demo

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Unity • C# • Photoshop

“Smash or Grab” Game

Watch on Vimeo

Construct 2 • Illustrator

Mediacom 24-7 Website

View in Browser

HTML • CSS • JS • jQuery • Photoshop

Board Game “Card Tool” (Prototype)

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HTML • CSS • JS • jQuery • Google API

Star Wars Homepage Takeover (Mockup)

Watch on Vimeo

After Effects • Element 3D

Deadpool Homepage Takeover (Mockup)

Watch on Vimeo

After Effects • Photoshop

Neopost Game (Prototype)

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Construct 2

“Horizon Conspiracy” Game (Prototype)

View in Browser

HTML • CSS • JS • jQuery • GSAP • SnapSVG

Nike “Olympics” Game (Prototype)

View in Browser

HTML • CSS • JS • jQuery


Watch on Vimeo

After Effects • Illustrator


Watch on Vimeo

After Effects • Illustrator

“Joe's Coffee Shop”

Watch on Vimeo

After Effects • Illustrator

“[Paul] is funny, charismatic and energetic, always willing to extend the scope of his own capabilities, and consistently hungry to learn and grow within his profession.”

- Joffrey Lyon -
Creative Technology Lead